About Our Clinic

Founded & Directed by Dr. Kelly Leaf, M.D.


  • Board Certified physicians evaluate every patient
  • Most acute problems treated in one visit


  • CLIA certified, enhanced complexity analyzers
  • Results available immediately at time of visit


  • State-of-the-art digital X-ray machine
  • X-rays read by physician on site at time of visit


  • No need to travel to an external pharmacy
  • Medicine dispensed to you at the time of visit

Our Clinic

One-Stop Urgent Care is a comprehensive urgent care facility designed with the patient experience in mind. Convenience, efficiency, and professional care are key concepts.

Our goal is to deliver the most affordable, easy, and comprehensive medical urgent care in the region.  In contrast with many other urgent care centers, we are local and privately owned.  Our personal approach is also what sets us apart from other facilities.

Having an on-site lab, x-ray, and pharmacy, our goal is to offer professional care for your urgent medical condition—all in one visit.

We accept most major health insurance, and have self pay fees for those without insurance.  No appointment is needed.

Kelly Leaf, M.D.
Dr. Leaf has practiced medicine for over 20 years.  He has worked in urgent care, emergency medicine, private practice, occupational medicine, administration, and teaching medicine.  He is board certified in Family Medicine, and enjoys treating patients of all ages.  Living in Portland for the past 17 years, he has worked with 3 major hospital based systems, and experienced the changing healthcare system.  With the establishment of One-Stop Urgent Care, he has responded with a model that combines affordability, convenience, and comprehensiveness.
Comprehensive care with a personal touch!